Day-to-Day Operations

  • Collect all rents and fees
  • Address tenant needs and resolve tenant conflicts
  • Handle maintenance emergencies 24×7
  • Deal with slow and non-payers, including eviction services (as needed)
  • Enforce rental rules and regulations
  • Schedule and coordinate with vendors as needed for property maintenance & upkeep
  • Annual unit inspections

Tenant Turnover

  • Coordinate move-out date with existing tenant
  • Schedule all cleaning and maintenance immediately upon move-out (minimize vacancy)
  • Perform final walk-through inspection
  • Deduct expenses from tenant deposits (if necessary)
  • Conduct final reconciliation of tenant deposit
  • Provide tenant with a security deposit settlement statement within 21¬†days of move-out

Filling Vacancies

  • Begin marketing your property 30-60 days prior to vacancy to reduce turnaround time
  • Marketing your rental unit on over 70 rental websites!
  • Show your unit to prospective tenants
  • Accept and process tenant applications
  • Screen prospective tenants based upon criminal, credit, employment, and rental background history
  • Handling tenant deposits
  • Walk-through inspections
  • Ensure that tenants carry adequate insurance to protect your property
  • Lease-signing
  • Move-in scheduling

Property Maintenance & Upkeep

  • We will schedule all routine annual preventative maintenance and landscaping
  • We will create a 10-year plan for non-routine maintenance items (e.g., roof, painting, etc.)
  • We will maintain all vendor relations and ensure all vendors are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • We will make recommendations on ways to increase your rental revenue and profit

Accounting & Financials

  • We will prepare a 10-year Capital Expense Plan (CEP) for the property
  • We will prepare a 3-year projected Profit-and-Loss (PNL) statement for the property
  • We will negotiate with all vendors and utility providers
  • We will provide owners access via our 24/7 owner portal
  • We will prepare and provide monthly owner statements

Have a need that is not included in this list? Let us know about your needs! Trilliant is constantly looking to improve our services to better meet the needs of our customers.